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Lori Brown, Midwest and North Regional Director

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Lori’s Favorite Diary Quote:

Mary: “I can no longer hold back my Flame of Love in my heart.  Let it leap out into all of you.  Make all the preparations to set out.  Only the first step is difficult.  Once it will have been accomplished, my Flame of Love will sweep away with uproar the distrust of souls Encountering no resistance, the Flame will illumine souls with a gentle light.  Those accepting the Flame of Love will be intoxicated by the abundance of graces and they will proclaim everywhere, as I said before, that such a torrent of grace has never been granted since the Word became Flesh.” (Spiritual Diary, November 7, 1963)

Lori Brown is the Regional Director for the Flame of Love Movement in the Midwest and Northern United States. In addition to homeschooling her six children, she has been involved in serving Our Lord and Our Lady in teaching and catechetical ministry for over 35 years and now is spreading the Flame of Love of Mary’s Immaculate Heart wherever Our Lady calls her.

In addition to praying regularly with her local Cenacle, she is very thankful to work with the National Flame of Love Advisory Panel and the Indiana Flame of Love State Team planning conferences, giving presentations and talks, and meeting with many loving and holy laity, priests and bishops around the country all for the glory of God and to promote Our Lady’s Cause.

Although raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools, in these younger years, Lori was living more for herself and the world than for God. When just out of college and engaged, she fell in love with Our Lord through watching the Jesus of Nazareth mini-series and reading the Bible for the first time, and she dedicated her life to Christ. After the wedding, Lori and her new husband Kevin began to study the Word of God and the catechism together and became very active in their local parish. They were both also greatly inspired by their loving and faith-filled grandparents, who taught them to trust in the Lord and Our Lady, live the faith with great joy, and pray the Rosary. For all of these influences, they will be eternally grateful!

Another turning point in their spiritual journey was preparing for and making a formal Consecration to Jesus through Mary as a family in Our Lady’s Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC 30 years ago. This led the whole family into the beautiful practice of praying the Rosary daily.

Lori tries to always keep in mind how much Our Lord suffered for her sins and what He told Elizabeth Kindelmann: “Everything passes away, only your work for souls remains.” This inspires her, as she lives out each day, to look for ways to spread the faith and Our Lady’s extraordinary sanctifying grace of the Flame of Love. She believes the Flame of Love is a gift from Heaven sent to protect us, to help us grow in holiness and faith, and to save souls so she strives to keep the Unity Prayer and FOL Hail Mary constantly on her lips.

Please know that Lori is here to serve and is most happy to help with Our Lady’s Flame of Love in any way needed!

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