of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Pray for Priests in this MONTH of the SACRED HEART.

Jesus: “Ask Me for many young men with a fervent heart. You will get as many as requested because the desire lies in the soul of many young men but there is no one helping them to realize their goal. Do not be overwhelmed. Through the prayers of the night vigil, you can obtain abundant graces for them.”

The Spiritual Diary (First Edition); Elizabeth Kindelmann; p.25

In unity, let us join in praying a Flame of Love spiritual bouquet for our priests, our beloved spiritual Fathers, in this month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. We begin on June 7th, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, and end the Spiritual Bouquet-this gift of prayer-on Father’s Day, June 16th.

We ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and Dear Saint Joseph throughout these 9 days of prayers and that, through the Holy Spirit, many priests would experience an outpouring of grace and support in the Flame of Love.

Oh Blessed Lady, spread the effects of grace of thy Flame of Love over POPE FRANCIS, ALL CARDINALS, BISHOPS, PRIESTS, SEMINARIANS, and ALL THOSE WHO GOD HAS CALLED TO THE PRIESTHOOD.

Thank you for praying with us!

What is a Spiritual Bouquet?

Spiritual Bouquets are prayers or devotional acts that someone has offered or will offer for someone else.
It can be given from an individual or group to express joy, sorrow, or best wishes, often in commemoration of a special occasion. The recipient is given a card or something similar indicating who the giver is and what the spiritual bouquet consists of, for example, it can be attending Mass, saying a rosary or other prayers, or spending time in Adoration. The card should include the sender’s name and the number of times each offering was or will be made.

Recommended Flame of Love Prayers for Spiritual Bouquet to Priest:

+ Daily Unity Prayer for Priest or priest. You may wish to pray for more then one priest and can certainly do so!

+ Offer a Flame of Love Rosary, with the important petition, as often as you’re able and keep a tally to add to your spiritual bouquet.

+ Flame of Love Holy Hour (in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament if possible) as often as you’re able and keep a tally to add to your spiritual bouquet.

+ Keep Wednesdays for Priests, following the Weekly Agenda, and offer the night vigil for their needs, obtaining for them abundant graces. No need to keep track of time for your vigils, just tally how many evenings you woke to pray for them.

Be sure and keep track of your prayer offerings and sometime before June 16th, Father’s Day, download and print your Flame of Love Spiritual Bouquet Card so that you will have it filled out and ready to give to you priest or priests.

We invite you to pray for as many priests as you would be inspired to pray for! Simply print off multiple cards and mail them to those priests who you prayed for. If you are sending an electronic card, you would just place the card in the attachment of the email and send to as many recipients as you would like. We ask that Spiritual Bouquet Cards not be sold or printed for bulk distribution of any kind.

From the Spiritual Diary

Make Sacrifices for Priests – p. 204 of the Blue Diary

Jesus: “Pay particular attention to the extraordinary importance of priestly vocations. Coming from Me, this is not new for you. And now, with special devotion, make sacrifices for this purpose. Because not only do I commend to your special attention the vocations that are yet to come, but furthermore the present priestly vocations. Make many sacrifices for these.”

The same day, during the nighttime adoration:

Jesus: “Tell that to your spiritual director. “

My heart began to tremble. Then the Lord Jesus spoke in a thundering voice.

Jesus: “Before the difficult times are upon you,  prepare yourselves for the vocation I have called you to by renewed tenacity and a firm decision. You must not be lazy, uninterested and indifferent because the great storm is brewing just ahead. Its gusts will carry away indifferent souls consumed by laziness. Only those souls with a genuine vocation will survive. The great danger that  will soon erupt will begin when I will raise My hand. Give My words of warning to all the priestly souls. Let My words that warn you in advance shake them up, and My severe request…”