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Flame of Love

How to JOIN a Flame of Love Cenacle

JOIN US! The Flame of Love is a movement of grace, sacrifice, and prayer. 

Committing to a weekly cenacle of prayer and reparation is an act of love and mercy which will help to spread the Flame and save souls. It is refreshment to The Sacred Heart, who reminds us of His thirst for souls each time we gaze at the crucifix and kiss His Five Wounds.

Praying with others is a refreshment to our own hearts as well.
Elizabeth Kindelmann experienced spiritual dryness frequently, and she writes on page 37 of the Full Dairy that “I felt a great calm in my spiritual dryness. As I was kneeling there on this May afternoon, I heard the chanting of the Litany of the Blessed Virgin. I never experienced before the power to raise up my soul to such a great fervor that came from this community prayer.”


Testimony from a Cenacle Leader in Indiana
“I could sit here and write you a story about each and every cenacle member. Some had never experienced the Holy Spirit before receiving the Flame of Love and are now having prophetic dreams, sharing words of knowledge, and evangelizing. Some were struggling, carrying heavy crosses, and we are now witnessing their walks of surrender and them relying on God’s strength to carry them. When souls overfill with the Flame of Love grace, they become a reservoir and their sanctification becomes a source of sanctification for all of us. We are witnessing this in our lives! We see it in our families, our places of work, our churches, in strangers we encounter, and in our relationships with others! Each one of us are being purified and you can literally watch the stains fall off of our garments. I don’t think we can wrap our human mind around the power of these prayers and Mary’s Flame of Love! I truly believe we are only grasping a very small glimpse of what is happening here in each one of us and those we pray for.”

Step One  
Pray and ask Our Lady and Her Spouse to guide you into a Flame of Love community. They will help you find a place of refreshment. You may prayerfully consider times and availability which would accommodate your lifestyle, as well as your particular charisms and gifts. Also, it may help to identify the reasons for joining a cenacle so that in your pursuit to save souls, you stay focused and determined. 

Begin to read the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann, which is available in an abridged edition and in an unabridged edition

You may also wish to download a cenacle prayer guide to review and pray these powerful prayers at any time! 
Step Two  
Consider the type of cenacle… virtual or physical?
Physical– Look to see if there are established Flame of Love Cenacles in your area. You will see those listed on our website under the Devotion Tab in our menu at the top of the page. The PHYSICAL Cenacles are listed on the right hand side of the page. 
If you have a cenacle close to you and want to check it out, then click on the cenacle and it will prompt you to fill out a contact form. The purpose of this is so that cenacle leaders can reach out and give you any information that may not be up to date, like time or location changes. This does not commit you to that cenacle in any way, but rather ensures that you have the information needed.
Virtual– Essentially, you will follow the same steps, except the VIRTUAL Cenacles are listed on the left hand side of the page. 

If you are on your mobile device, these groups are listing in a single column format, so please scroll until you see the VIRTUAL CENACLES or PHYSICAL CENACLES as a title to that section of the page. 

MOBILE APP users, you may simply click on the Cenacle Tab located in the menu at the bottom of the screen. 
While the format of a cenacle may be the same, every cenacle will have it’s own unique flavor, much like a parish community! How beautiful! So, we invite you to visit many groups, either virtually and/ or physically!  Through prayer and your desire, you will find where you belong.  
Step Three  
Once you have found a cenacle you would like to be a part of, try your best to commit and dedicate this time to prayer with the group. You will be wanted and welcome!
 Matthew 18:20
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
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From the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann

Jesus: “I must tell you that, recently, I have called many souls to follow Me in this special way.  However, very few understood what I wanted from them.  Include them unceasingly in your prayers and make sacrifices for them, so that the army of souls who make reparation that I am thus trying to gather may provide a counterbalance to My just wrath.”
Pg 37