Jim Gavigan- Northeast Regional Leader

Jim’s favorite quote from the diary:    

“Every small drop of sacrifice accepted with love delights the Holy Trinity.”

Jim is a husband, father, and grandfather.  A cradle Catholic raised on Long Island, he and his wife Patti live in Syracuse, New York.  Jim had the wonderful opportunity to teach children English as a New Language at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in the Syracuse City School District for thirty-one years before recently retiring from full time teaching.

Attending a Life in the Spirit retreat around 2000 was a gift and moment of blessing.  Jim experienced a deepening of faith and call to more active witness and daily living in the love and power of the Holy Spirit.  For twenty years he participated as an active member of the Good Shepherd Prayer Group at Most Holy Rosary Church, and he has stayed in union with the Charismatic Renewal of the Diocese of Syracuse.

Currently Jim  volunteers as a letter writer with the Jail Ministry program in Onondaga County, and he has begun in-person visiting as a visitor-advocate. He also prays as an intercessor with a dedicated group of men and women who serve on the Unbound ministry prayer team of Revive Hope and Healing, Inc.       

 In May of 2022 Jim began praying with the Rays of Dawn prayer cenacle. He is grateful to Patti Schwartz and all of the members who welcomed him into the school of Our Lady and share their great love of Our Lord, Our Lady, and all souls.   What a grace to receive the Flame of Love! Praise God! 

Grateful to the humble and powerful witness of so many older and wiser brothers and sisters who have helped him along at each stage of his faith journey, Jim looks forward to supporting the leadership team to help share and spread the Flame of Love.