of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Jill Metz- US National Director

Jill’s Favorite Diary quote: “With this Flame full of graces that I give you from my heart, ignite all the hearts of the entire country.  Let this flame go from heart to heart. This is the miracle becoming the blaze whose dazzling light will blind Satan. This is the fire of love of union which I obtained from the heavenly father through the merits of the wounds of my Divine Son.” (Spiritual Diary, page 28)

I live in Fort Wayne Indiana, have been married 25 years, and have 2 young adult children. I’m a Catholic convert, sacred artist, and I serve as the US National Director of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for which I am most grateful.

Upon my conversion into the Catholic Church, my husband Ken experienced a re-version, and together we fell in love with the Church. 

After coming into the Church in 2010, I was led by the Holy Spirit to LOVE MORE through Marian Consecration.  I have felt a profound peace and joy through the healing that getting to know Mother Mary offers us all. Sharing my love of Mary’s Flame of Love has truly become the “air that I breathe.”  It was in Medjugorje that I was called into the Movement, and there I said YES to joining Our Lady’s Cause to save souls. It was no small feat that Our Lady chose a stubborn sinner like me! In the Diary it says… The Blessed Virgin also showed me the disposition of those souls who will receive the Flame of Love . . . Mary: . . . “I deliberately send it to souls that struggle with doubts. I do this so they feel the effusion of the effect of grace of my Flame of Love. Then they will believe and trust in me.” Amen!

Before my Marian Consecration, I was called to begin painting saint icons after I experienced a miraculous healing due to the intercession of Saint Lucy. I take special care to discover and grow in relationship with the Saints that I paint by spending time in prayer throughout the creating of each icon. I’m very honored to be a small part in helping others come to know and love the Saints through sacred art

I love the Catholic Faith and through the years, I (often alongside my husband Ken) have served as High School Youth Minister, RCIA Coordinator/ Sponsor, EMHC, in various roles of the pro-life movement, as well as chaired fundraising events in my parish and diocese.

Ken and I are also serve with Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

 I humbly ask for your prayers and to pray for the entire Flame of Love Movement. Be assured of our prayers too. United, we will blind satan to help save souls and bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

I want you to be numerous so that many, many souls are united to my Flame of Love. Help Me! My Flame being lit depends upon you.”

May our hands gather in UNITY… let’s start a wildfire!