2000 Hail Marys for the Unborn

A very special 2000 Hail Mary event in honor of the unborn on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, December 8th, 2022.  


Are you interested in signing up for a prayer slot on December 7th anytime from 3pm-6pm? We need volunteers so please contact John Sullivan for more information.

Where did the 2000 Hail Mary Devotion come from?

In 1933, near Barcelona, a Salesian Priest had made known this powerful prayer across the countries especially in the Philippines. For during that time to date in 1933, THERE IS A PIOUS BELIEF, THAT WHOEVER PRAYS TWO THOUSAND HAIL MARYS OBTAINS FROM THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, AT LEAST THREE GRACES. That information was embedded deeply in the minds of many, especially to Filipinos.

In our present critical times, as a devoted Marian of the Flame of Love, we firmly do believe that why we pray the 2,000 Hail Mary using the FOL Hail Mary supplication is because Satan will be blinded even more and inactive. The more Hail Mary’s we prayed and many of us will be praying together the  2,000 Hail Marys,  the greater the sacrifice we can offer to Jesus through Mary. And thus, the spread of the effect of grace of Mama Mary to all humanity is more intensified compared to the standard Rosary. Thus, this prayer will make a difference to all humanity and to the entire world. Written by a Flame of Love Devotee and organizer of the event.

Flame of Love Retreats for the Americas – Building on Solid Rock

Our Blessed Mother is calling you to spread the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart to drive out evil by the effect of grace!  

Announcing “Building on Solid Rock” – an online Flame of Love Retreat series hosted by John Sullivan, Assistant International Coordinator of the Flame of Love Movement.  This will be a deep dive into the prayers and practices of the Flame of Love in light of the gospel, the scriptures, and the teachings of the Church to help you spread the Flame of Love to your family, friends, neighbours, and priests.

*Attendance is free but registration is required.

Part 1- November 19th, 2022

Part 2- December 17th, 2022

In this second part of our four part Building on Solid Rock retreat (links to the first part are below), we will take a deep dive into the Flame of Love Hail Mary as the “How” of Salvation. Just how does grace work in our lives? How do we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit? How do we work with the process? Why do we keep battling the same old sins? How do we truly overcome the habitual sins that plague us? Why is this so important to our Blessed Mother that she gave us the Flame of Love Hail Mary? Why “the effect of grace” and not just grace? Come and learn more about the greatest miracle of all.

Part 2 Notes…

Mary: “My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world.”

Global Thursday Night Hour of Reparation

Let us join Him in remembrance of His agony each Thursday night for an hour when the clock strikes 10PM.  

September 29, 1962:

Mary: “My little one, Thursdays and Fridays should be considered as great days of grace. Those who offer reparation to my Divine Son on these days will receive a great grace. During the hours of reparation, the power of Satan will weaken to the degree that those making reparation pray for sinners. Nothing flashy is required, no boasting about love is necessary. It is burning in the depth of the hearts and spreads to the others.”

Invite your countries that if it’s 10 o’clock your time and you can, go to and join whatever prayer is happening.  If there is not prayer, start one.  

Since we do need to make way for each time zone each hour, I suggest limiting prayer to the Flame of Love Rosary and the Chaplet of the Adored Jesus (what better way to console Jesus in His agony!).  We do have some time zones like India and Australia Central Time that are on the half hour but, in love and humility, we’ll just work through that. This is a new, and urgent call to prayer so we will organize ourselves better as time goes.  

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