Greetings from David Proctor

Dear Flame of Love Family:

My name is David Proctor, and I am from Greenwood, Indiana. I have been married to my wife Pamela for nearly forty years. We have six children ranging from 38 to 19, with four grandchildren and it looks like three more to come, this year. Through all the trials that come from married life we have managed to stay intact and thrive, only through the Grace of God and the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.

I welcome the beautiful souls that are attracted to the Flame of Love. Never have I experienced such love and compassion as I have from the Flame of Love Movement. Our Blessed Mother watches over Her children who are called, by name, into this Movement. She cares for each person tenderly, carefully and prudently. As She does so it becomes apparent that She is Transforming these souls into the image and likeness of her Divine Son, Jesus. The depth that I find in souls committed to Loving Her never ceases to amaze me. I am awestruck again and again at the devotion, love and charity of countless souls who commit their lives to helping Our Blessed Mother “Pour Out” Her “Flame of Love” over humanity.

I come to the Flame of Love as one who has had many encounters with the forces of evil. Through each encounter Our Blessed Mother has always been there to guide, protect and strengthen in times of adversity. Many times, She, would reach deep within my soul to heal, renew and revitalize. As a Good Mother she was ever present through all the storms of time.

It is remarkable to observe the heroic virtue and love for neighbor that is inwardly inspired by the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Our Most Holy Mother. Elizabeth Kindlemann, was continually inspired by Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, to live a heroic Life of virtue and suffering. Elizabeth gives each one of us a vast array of teachings and encouragement to become the sons and daughters that we are continually called to be. The world cowers in fear at so many things; Our Blessed Mother calls us out of those fears and into the radiant, light of Christ. Once the “Flame of Love” is ignited and nurtured within our hearts, she brings forth children of the light; and the light pushes back the darkness. It becomes a radiant force that attracts others to experience this transforming power from Heaven.

In short, Our Blessed Mother is raising up an army of light from Her Flame of Love, to blind Satan, save souls and to proclaim the Gospel message to all the world. Again, I am exceeding encouraged at the abundant Graces that are being “Poured Forth” from the “Flame of Love”.