of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Free Souls from Purgatory

Our Lady’s Promise

Elizabeth: I asked for the effusion of the graces of the Flame of Love of the Most Holy Virgin on the suffering souls. The Lord Jesus allowed me to sense that, in that moment, a soul was freed from Purgatory. I felt in my soul an indescribable relief. At that moment, by a pure grace of God, my soul was plunged into the immeasurable bliss of a soul that comes into God’s presence. Then I prayed with all the strength of my soul for the dying priests. Meanwhile, a great feeling of anguish filled my inner being which is the suffering the Lord gives in order for me to reap souls along with Him. During my deep meditation, a delicate sigh, like a breath of the blessed Virgin, surprised my soul.” (Spiritual Diary, November, 1962)

Then, Our Lady spoke:

”My little one, your compassion for the poor souls has so moved my motherly heart that I grant the grace that you sought. If at any moment, while invoking my Flame of Love, any of you pray in my honor three Hail Mary’s, a soul is released from Purgatory. During November, the month of the deceased, ten souls will be released from Purgatory for each Hail May recited. The suffering souls must also feel the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of my maternal heart.”

Monday is The Day of the Holy Souls

Jesus said: “Let all your actions be done with the purpose of helping them [the Holy Souls]. In union with Me, desire that these souls contemplate My Face as early as possible. Offer for them the strict fast as well as prayers during a part of the night. I do not ask this strict fast and prayer just from you. Make public these requests jointly with other messages from My Heart. Anyone fasting on bread and water on Monday will free each time the soul of a priest from the place of suffering. [Footnote = Purgatory] Whoever practices this will receive the grace of being liberated from the place of suffering within eight days after their death. Our Mother herself is asking for this. Her appeal to her Flame of Love obliges Me to fulfill her request.” (Spiritual Diary, page 24)

Mary said:When priests observe the Monday fast, in all the Holy Masses that they celebrate that week, at the moment of Consecration, they will free innumerable souls from Purgatory. When those persons consecrated to God and the faithful keep the Monday fast, they will free a multitude of souls from Purgatory each time they receive Communion during that week, at the very moment they receive the Holy Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Spiritual Diary, August 15, 1980)

Regarding what kind of fast Jesus is asking for, Elizabeth said: “While fasting, we can eat bread abundantly and drink water. We can put salt on the bread. We can take vitamins, medicines and whatever is necessary to our condition. However, we should not enjoy it. (Spiritual Diary, page 292)

*A word about fasting: Members of the Flame of Love Movement fast individually, only as they are able. There are some people who should not try a bread and water fast because of age, illness, medical conditions, or other restrictions. If it is too difficult for you to do, please do not be discouraged. You can find another way to keep the spirit of loving sacrifice intended by the fast.