of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Flame of Love Prayers

There are 4 Basic Prayers that are essential to the Flame of Love Movement: the Sign of the Cross, the Unity Prayer, the Hail Mary with the Flame of Love Petition, and the Prayer for the Propagation of the Flame of Love.

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Prayer #1: Meditation of the Five Wounds ~ Make the Sign of the Cross Five Times

Jesus told Elizabeth, “A great battle awaits you, but you will conquer in the sign of the cross. When you make the cross, think of the three Divine Persons.

Make the sign of the cross five times, while thinking of my Five Wounds. Always look at my eyes bathed in blood. Tell everyone all that I tell you.” (P.17)

Our Prayer Cenacles of Reparation begin and end by making the sign of the Cross 5 times with meditation on the 5 Wounds as Jesus requested.

Prayer #2: The Prayer of Jesus –The Unity Prayer

Elizabeth: Then the sweet Redeemer asked me to pray with Him the prayer that expresses His deepest desiresThe Unity Prayer. (May 4, 1962)

Jesus: “This prayer is an instrument in your hands. By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin.” (May 4, 1962)

Prayer #3: The Hail Mary prayer with the important petition to blind Satan.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed are Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

February 2, 1982). Mary said, “I do not want to change the prayer by which you honor me; by this petition, I want rather to shake humanity. This is not a new prayer formula; it must be a constant supplication. (Spiritual Diary, page 101)

Prayer #4: Prayer for the Propagation of the Flame of Love

Blessed Virgin Mary, our cherished heavenly Mother, you love God and us, your children, so much that you offer us to your Divine Son Jesus on the Cross, to forgive us by our Heavenly Father and to obtain our salvation, so that all those who believe in Him do not perish but obtain Eternal Life.

With a filial confidence, we pray to you, Virgin Mary, that with the Flame of Love of your Immaculate Heart, kindled by the Holy Spirit, you ignite in our languid hearts the fire of a perfect love for God and all humanity, so that together with you, with one heart, we love God and our neighbor.

Help us to transmit this holy Flame to all people of goodwill, so that the Flame of Love extinguishes the fire of hatred everywhere on earth and that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, be the King and the center of all hearts in the Sacrament of His Love on the Throne of our altars. Amen.

With the personal approval of his Holiness Pope Paul VINovember 1973