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Flame of Love


Families have a special place in the Flame of Love Devotion. Mary obtained the Flame of Love grace because Satan has launched his greatest attack ever especially targeting the family.

Mary: “You know the great sorrow I have… families are torn apart and live as if the soul were not immortal. With my Flame of Love, I want to make the home come alive again with love. I want to unite families that are scattered... Help Me! My flame being lit depends upon you. Let the families… plead fervently so that we can hold back the chastising hand of my Divine Son.” (Spiritual Diary, page 66)

Elizabeth: “The Blessed Virgin revealed that the light of her Flame of Love filled not only me, but all my family members, and the Evil One could not lead them into sin. That is why their souls are strengthened and prepared to receive even more graces. (Spiritual Diary, page 143)

The Lord spoke in the morning…

Jesus: “I was here during the night and I blessed every member of your family because of the prayer of our dear Mother. She is the one who fills your whole family with the effect of grace of her Flame of Love. How much we love you, My little one!” (Spiritual Diary, page 143)

Understanding “The Flame of Love”

by Deacon Norman Alexander


Mother’s Resources:

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, you are invited to join us and pray a Flame of Love Holy Hour for our families and community this Thursday and every 4th Thursday of the month.


TIME: Pacific 7am, Mountain 8am, Central 9am, Eastern 10am. The dates for 2024 are: May 23rd, June 27th, July 25th, August 22nd, September 26th, October 24th, November 28th, & December 26th.

Building a Flame of Love Family Sanctuary
Spiritual Diary Excerpts for Mothers

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