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Eucharistic Congress Prayer Request Form

The National Eucharistic Congress is a historic event – the first in this century – and will involve one of the largest Eucharistic pilgrimages in history. Just as crowds followed Christ throughout his earthly ministry, our nation will process with our Eucharistic Lord through cities, along highways, and past rural towns on His way to the 10th National Eucharistic Congress. The Pilgrimage will accompany Jesus from city to city, lighting hearts on fire along the way. Then, at the National Eucharistic Congress in July 2024, all these flames will blaze together converging in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is a pivotal moment in Salvation History and our FLAME OF LOVE FAMILY is planning to visit as many of the Rally Points as possible and we want to bring YOUR PRAYER INTENTIONS along as we ask Jesus to intercede on behalf of family members who need our prayers!

Do you have Parents, Children, Siblings, or other relatives who need prayers? Complete the Prayer Request Form below with their names and let us bring them to Jesus as we travel along the Eucharistic Pilgrimage using our arsenal of weapons/prayers to BLIND SATAN on their behalf!

The 4 Eucharistic Pilgrimage Routes and Rally Points.

Allow us to pray for your family members who have:

  • Fallen away from the Church
  • Have become lukewarm in their Faith
  • No longer believe in the True Presence
  • Committed a Mortal Sin

Eucharistic Congress Payer Request Form

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