Hola familia! In the Flame of Love of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Our Lady of Guadalupe entrusted me with The Mission of being Her ambassador. It happened around ten years ago. The Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe visited our home for two hours. I sat in front of Our Lady praying the Rosary and gazing at Her beautiful face! Suddenly, Our Lady seemed to open one of Her eyes and spoke to my heart asking me to be Her ambassador !! Ever since then, The Virgin Mary had taken me to many places to make Her known and to gather souls to pray the Flame of Love prayers.
Recently, during our Spanish “ Lent retreat “, a very special situation developed: due to a schedule mix up, the Spanish and the English attendees found themselves learning and praying together in a bilingual setting. It was something very beautiful to see: regardless of the language and culture differences, everyone felt connected to each other and in complete union to work together for Our Lady’s Cause.
After the retreat, I asked the people about how they felt being part of an unexpected bilingual retreat. They said that while they were going through it, they felt amazed on how they could hear and feel The Holy Spirit, each of them in their own language ( they had to wait for me of course To translate). The people then reminded me of Pentecost ( Acts 2:1-13 ) when all the people were amazed at being able to listen to The Apostles, full of The Holy Spirit, speak to them in their own language.
Our Lord Jesus said to Elizabeth: “ Do not be surprised, my little instrument, that you cannot speak eloquent words. I am the one who acts and who enkindles The Flame of Love in the depth of hearts”.
It is my deepest prayer that I can keep serving as an instrument of His Grace to bring all peoples to Jesus through The Flame of Love of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amén!

Patti interviewed our National Director, Eileen Piergiovanni on her Spanish Radio program. In this interview Patti and Eileen show us that love has no language barriers and inspire us to give all in JOY to Our Lady’s Flame. Listen here.

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