of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Devout Life Teachings


In the Seventh Flame of Love Seminar, you were encouraged to make the choice to lead a devout life.  The Devout Life Teachings will help guide you on this journey.  These teachings draw on the writings of St. Francis de Sales and other Saints who walked the Road to Perfection.

This is the spirituality which undergirds Elizabeth’s journey in the Diary. Without it, the Diary can seem harsh and demanding. With it, the Diary and the grace of the Flame of Love make perfect sense, hence its presence on our website. We pray it may be a powerful aid in your own spiritual growth.

Indexes of the Devout Life Teachings

Part I: Preparing for the Road

Part II: The Purgative Stage

Part III: The Illuminative Way

Part IV: Active Unitive Stage

Part V: Modern Developments in the Devout Life

Part VI: The Passive Unitive Stage