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Flame of Love

Cenacle Outlines

Guidelines and Outlines


Here you will find several different outlines for a Flame of Love prayer cenacle. The Diary provides no template for the prayer cenacles and a minimal outline for the Family Holy Hours:

Begin this hour with a spiritual reading, followed by the Rosary or other prayers in an atmosphere of recollection and fervor.
Let there be at least two or three, because my Divine Son is present where two or three are gathered. Start by making the sign of the Cross five times offering yourselves to the Eternal Father through the wounds of my Divine Son. Do the same at the conclusion.

The Spiritual Diary (First Edition); Elizabeth Kindelmann OCDS; pp.27-28

Thus there can be considerable variety in cenacles. Some need to fit between Masses and have only 45 minutes for a Rosary or are kept short in respect for some of the older members who tire easily. Others last for hours with singing, adoration, and a shared meal. They may vary based upon cultural preferences. Ideally, each cenacle will have time for:

  • Formation
  • Prayer
  • Adoration

The prayer of the cenacle should include the prayers proper to the Flame of Love, i.e., meditation upon the five wounds (this is a meditation and not a fixed form prayer), the Flame of Love Rosary, and the Unity Prayer. Other prayers may be added within the following guidelines:

  • They must be orthodox
  • They must not be controversial
  • They must not be excessive so as to overshadow the Flame of Love as the heart of the cenacle

Finally, give space to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the expression of heart and mind remembering that our cenacles are a fellowship and conversation with our God and Blessed Mother along with the Angels and Saints and not a recitation of prayers.


The US outline was prayerfully discerned in the original Philadelphia cenacle. Its wide use in the US and many other countries has made it a de facto standard. You can find it here.
Here is a Spanish version.
Here is a Vietnamese version.

The International Version is based upon the US version but moves the meditation on the five wounds to the beginning, includes the Unity Prayer in each decade, and uses the Pope Leo XIII Saint Joseph and Saint Michael prayers. You can find it here.
Here is a German version.

The Canadian Flame of Love site has a large document that is less of a cenacle outline and more of a cenacle reference with a rich collection of prayers, alternative prayers, and meditations for cenacles. You can download it or purchase a printed edition here.