Candlemas 2023

Holy Mother Church celebrates Candlemas Day on Feb. 2nd when we remember and celebrated the LIGHT of Our Lord in our lives and that LIGHT is pouring forth to all of HUMANITY through the FLAME OF LOVE OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF HIS MOTHER, MARY

On February 2nd we celebrate four momentous occasions!

+ The Feast Day of the Flame of Love. “I ask the Holy Father to make the feast of the Flame of Love on February 2, the feast of Candlemas. I do not want a special feast.” Full Diary pg. 61

+ Jesus’ very first entry into the Temple.

+ The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple.

+ The Virgin Mary’s purification in the Temple.

Our Lady told Elizabeth that she wished February 2nd to be the feast day of the Flame of Love.

“On the feast of Candlemas, my beloved sons will introduce the Flame of Love of my heart in procession, so that, in such fashion, it becomes a living fire in the hearts, in the souls.  Everything must be prepared in such a way that it spreads like wildfire.”

Blessed Mother to Elizabeth Kindelmann

When we honor and celebrate the LIGHT of Our Lord in our lives, that LIGHT will pour forth even brighter, with more power, to all of HUMANITY through the FLAME OF LOVE OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF HIS MOTHER, MARY. 

Here are a few ideas of ways you can celebrate these joyous feasts with your cenacle, parish or family! 

+Join us Virtually or In-Person for the National Candlemas Event
+As a Flame of Love Cenacle or Parish

Jan 24th- Feb 2nd.

PRAY with us the Flame of Love Novena. DOWLOAD A PRAYER GUIDE or follow along on Facebook.

Download this Candlemas Prayer Guide which you can simply follow along or adapt it to meet the needs of your cenacle or parish.

  • Attend Holy Mass together on this day! Perhaps your pastor would offer a Blessing of Candles and Procession before or after Holy Mass? Would he be open to allowing a cenacle member to give a brief reflection or introduction about the Flame of Love after Mass? Or pray a Flame of Love Rosary?  If your parish offers a Flame of Love Cenacle, please talk with your pastor and ask him how you can assist him in celebrating this blessed day.  Download the Prayer Guide to give him as a reference for the day.

SAMPLE FLIER TEMPLATES/ Click on the image, download, edit and promote your event!

FLIER- can be inserted into a MS Doc

+As a family or for those that have not yet joined a Flame of Love Cenacle
Moms and Dads-
Click on the image, download, and print off this coloring page for your littles