of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

How to START a Flame of Love Cenacle

Maybe you have been discerning a call to start a cenacle, but you’re not sure where to start. We can help! The Flame of Love Movement desires to fulfill Our Lord’s longings through the formation of many prayer groups. 

The Blessed Virgin instructed Elizabeth to “Make reparation. He has been offended so often.”  Our Prayer Cenacles are called Cenacles of Reparation.

Testimony from a Cenacle Leader 
“The Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle calls God’s children to intercede with Mary, Our Mother, at the foot of the Cross for our priests, the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and the conversion of all souls.  We pray others will accept the invitation.  Since that time, we have a morning, afternoon and evening weekly cenacle.”

Step One
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and pleading with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Php 4:6

“Holy Spirit, you are the Love between the Father and Son, the Sanctifier, the Author of Grace, the Giver of Gifts, especially Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Counsel, I beg You, through Your Spouse and My Mother Mary, and the power of the Flame of Love of Her Immaculate Heart, convict me to spread this Grace and show me how to do so.” Amen
Step Two
Read the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann, which is available in an abridged edition and in an unabridged edition. As you read, focus on our Lord’s thirst for love, reparation of sin so we can be sanctified, and helping Him to save souls.
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Step Three
Become familiar with the prayers of a Holy Hour Prayer Cenacle by…
+ Committing to pray your Flame of Love Rosary every single day with the special petition (“Spread the effect of Grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity”). 

+ Taking a look at the Flame of Love Holy Hour Cenacle Guide here.

+  Attending a Cenacle to learn how it is hosted and organized. 

+  Checking out the Leaders Manual Tab of our website.

+  Downloading our Flame of Love Mobile App so you have easy access to the Flame of Love prayers.
Step Four –
Prayerfully determine what type of cenacle you may be called to lead, VIRTUAL or PHYSICAL
Physical Cenacles Leaders should start a Flame of Love Cenacle in your home first if possible, and pray and fast for your pastor by name for three weeks before approaching him to start a parish cenaclePermission is needed by a pastor in order to start a cenacle in a parish or church.
Step 5-
We encourage Leaders to strive towards the Flame of Love Spiritual Exercises.

A note about fasting… Ask the Holy Spirit for the Gift of Fasting, and slowly after a few weeks expand the fast for both breakfast and lunch on Monday (on bread and water only. You can take supplements and medicines, but no coffee or tea).

***If you are a diabetic or have health issues, or are over 60, please fast from something you enjoy on Mondays (TV shows, the internet, alcohol, hobbies, etc.), if a bread and water fast would not be beneficial to you. Fasting for many people, who do not have pre-existing health issues, can produce health benefits. Any health questions on fasting should be referred to your doctor.
Step Six-
Be open to the other exercises of love and reparation, which our Lord and Our Mother taught Elizabeth Kindelmann, such as night vigils of reparation.
Last Step-
If you have made the decision to begin a Flame of Love Cenacle, you do not need our permission, we only ask that you register your cenacle and reach out to your regional leader to introduce yourself. Regional leaders are there to guide and support you. Find your Regional Leader.

The Flame of Love is shared heart to heart and this love and unity binds us together in a sacred oneness. So while we share it with great zeal, don’t be too concerned about the number of people who respond, only that you persevere in sharing these graces. May our hands gather in UNITY and may we ask and pray for the gift of fortitude and gratitude.