About Prayer Cenacles

Our Prayer Cenacles are called Cenacles of Reparation.  The Blessed Virgin instructed Elizabeth to “Make reparation. He has been offended so often.”

Our Lord wants someone adoring the Blessed Sacrament in every parish Church at every hour. The Flame of Love Movement desires to fulfill Our Lord’s longings through the formation of many prayer groups. If a prayer group does not have the Pastor’s permission to meet in the Church it may be held in the home. Many groups begin meeting in a home and later move to the Church.

The Cenacle of Reparation on this website is the design of the first Flame of Love Prayer Group in Philadelphia. You are welcome to print and adopt this format for your own prayer cenacle. It includes the prayers requested by Jesus and Mary. It also contains additional prayers to Mary, Joseph and St Michael.

Mary told Elizabeth “Invoke St Joseph every day.  He will help you (p. 18). Like Joseph, we are also asked to find lodging for the Flame of Love, “Let us set out with St. Joseph. You must walk with us along Bethlehem’s dark roads. We must seek lodging for my Flame of Love, which is Jesus Christ himself.” After her words, my strength of soul carried me. We traveled those dark roads and looked for lodging but everyone rejected us (p.38).

Prayer cenacles often add songs of praise and sing the Hail Mary.  You are invited to do the same in your own prayer cenacle. We also invite you to pray along with our Rosary Video.

We would like to know about all existing Prayer Cenacles of Reparation including home cenacles. We do not publish non-virtual home cenacles on this web site for reasons of privacy and safety but having the information is essential to demonstrate to Bishops and Pastors the Flame of Love activity in their area. We also never expose your name or information to any enquirers. We send their information to you so you can contact them.

You can register your cenacle here.

You can learn more about Cenacle here.