Flame of Love

of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Flame of Love

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The Consummation of All things In Christ’s Flame of Love
Father Robert Elias
What is the Flame of Love?
Bishop Ricken, Father Chris Alar MIC and Father James Blount SOLT explain, in this 4 Minute Video

The Triumph of Mary and the New Pentecost: What Does it Mean to You and Me?
Anthony Mullen

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About Prayer Cenacles

The Blessed Virgin instructed Elizabeth to “Adore my Divine Son and make reparation. He is so often offended .” (Full Diary page 11) Abiding by the Blessed Mother’s request, the Flame of Love Prayer Cenacles...

Flame of Love Prayers

There are 4 Basic Prayers that are essential to the Flame of Love Movement: the Sign of the Cross, the Unity Prayer, the Hail Mary with the Flame of Love Petition, and the Prayer for the...

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The Flame of Love Movement in The United States has partnered with several third party vendors to create a wide variety of support materials. We thank our dedicated vendors, friends of the Flame, for helping...